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Benefits of Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

Yoga can help to empower you through your pregnancy, birth, postnantal recovery and journey through motherhood. Yoga offers the opportunity to be at ease and at home with yourself, to be in touch with your own body, intuition and connect with your baby or babies; not only in the yoga class but within your daily life. Yoga can enable you to feel more comfortable and nourished, and to feel more confident in your transition to and throughout motherhood.

To join you don’t need to have done Yoga before, in fact being pregnant is a wonderful time to start. You can come along whenever you feel ready.


You might find that resting during the first trimester is beneficial, and a practice such as Yoga Nidra might help in that resting. You may want to ask your midwife or health practitioner if this class is suitable for you.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga with Angela
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