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Benefits of Postnatal and Baby Yoga

Postnatal and baby yoga is a beautiful way of bonding with your baby through songs and games whilst promoting good health for you and your baby.


Learn movement and songs that you can enjoy with your baby, and learn ways of integrating yoga into your daily life to aid postnatal recovery.

There are so many benefits of enjoying a regular yoga practice with your baby. Here are just a few:

  • Postnatal Yoga can help parents to adjust to their new roles with their baby. Learning ways to heal through restful, re-energising and stabilising practices which are done with baby and consider our everyday movement and long term health. We nurture ourselves and our children.

  • Baby yoga can help parents bond with their baby as they gain greater understanding of each other and of their own ways of communicating.

  • Parents can build confidence in holding and handling their baby in a relaxed way. Psychologically babies can become better equipped to deal stress, learn to interact with others and to relax.  

  • Physically baby yoga can strengthen and tone baby’s muscles, help maintain flexibility, aid coordination, balance and motor skills, encourage a healthy digestive system and promote relaxation.


Join us and develop a practice you can enjoy at home too.

Postnatal and Baby Yoga with Angela in Hereford
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