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What to expect in a pregnancy yoga class

Congratulations! I hope that you feel welcome, nurtured and part of a community during these classes. You are encouraged to connect with yourself and your baby and listen to your own needs. 

Classes include breath practices, movement, sound practices, some practical birth education and relaxation through yoga nidra and hypno yoga. These may help you feel at ease, comfortable, nourished, more confident and to help you bond with your baby or babies. The style is somewhere between yoga therapy and restorative yoga, as we focus on comfort and nourishment. Everything we do helps to foster acceptance, self awareness and ways of helping to be calm and centred. These are so helpful during pregnancy, the preparation for birth, and all through the journey of motherhood.

When you come along to a class you might want to wear something comfortable, you may bring a drink of water, and maybe even have a light snack before and after the class. During the class listen to your body by only doing what feels good. Remember you can stop at any point. Use props to help support your practice, even in resting positions.



A few more helpful tips for practicing Yoga while pregnant

Be careful not to overstretch. Find the balance that suits you in stretch and strength.

Move slowly, being aware of transitions between poses. Moving slowly gives you time to find out what feels right. These transitions will help you in your daily movement.

Use yoga to connect with your baby.

Use yoga to connect with your pelvic floor, toning and releasing it.

After 30 weeks consider lying on your side rather than on your back

Another source of gentle exercise may complement your yoga, such as swimming.

Enjoy your practice, ask questions, we’re here to support you.

Pregnancy Yoga with Angela in Hereford
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