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What to expect in a Postnatal and Baby Yoga Class

Baby yoga is all welcoming and all inclusive. All kinds of feeding, nappy changing, noise, sleeping times, moods, feelings and emotions, for mum and baby are all welcome at any time. We embrace the chaos and enjoy the calm. 

Wear something comfortable, pyjamas are welcome! Bring a towel for your baby to lie on. If your baby is under 3 months you may wish to bring a pillow for them to lie on. A cushion can also aid your comfort. There is a questionnaire to fill in on your first day, but please also keep me updated about your and your baby’s health each week.

You don’t need any previous experience of Yoga. You can start whenever you feel ready after birth. Some mums are able to enjoy a baby moon, a month in bed with their baby, others want to be out meeting other mums. You might find that smaller babies want to feed and sleep, but that it OK, we can help you find ways to maximise comfort and postnatal recovery during this time. Older more mobile babies might be more interested in discovering their environment than joining in directly. Again this is OK, as they take in the songs and movement that they see and hear and mums get to enjoy arms free practice, reclaiming space and movement. More importantly mum and baby have the opportunity to connect and enjoy being at ease.

About Postnatal and Baby Yoga

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